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Success - it can be measured by many ways,

But success has a price. The more financial success you have, the more time it takes to manage it. As your wealth grows, life doesn't get simpler, it gets more complex. Do you know if your assets are working as hard as you are? Is your retirement strategy working as effective as you think? Do you take advantage of the current laws to minimize your tax exposure?

Our firm has assembled a team of financial specialists who provide you unbiased and ongoing advice to navigate today's complex financial landscape. We have a history of collaboration with clients like you to connect your short term financial needs with your long term financial goals.You need a comprehensive financial strategy, so we have developed a planning methodologies which can help you accomplish your goals. Here is our process:

Our process Wen Capital Advisory Group

Crystallize Your Goals

We gather and organize all your financial information into one consolidated report that is a snapshot of where you are at today.

Crystallize Your Goals Wen Capital Advisory Group

Appraise Your Assets

We use sophisticated tools to appraise and analyze the current value of all your assets. To ensure accuracy, our system automatically update your account balances every day.

Appraise Your Assets Wen Capital Advisory Group

Perform Gap Analysis

With these current values, our specialists examine your goals, assets, and your financial expectation to generate what we call a gap analysis of what actions are needed in order to help achieve your goals.

Your specific plan can include recommendations on managing cash flow, asset allocation, tax strategies, risk tolerance, insurance, saving plans, annuity options, and etc.

Provide Options Wen Capital Advisory Group

Provide Options

Details of our recommendations are provided to you in two ways: in a comprehensive written report and online through your own secure private website.

Provide Options Wen Capital Advisory Group

In your financial home page, you can view any thing about your financial and estate plans any time from any place.

Provide Options Wen Capital Advisory Group

Access to your home page is password protected in a highly secure and encrypted personal web address, accessible only to you and your advisor team.


Implement Strategies

Once our advisor team puts your plan into action, powerful analysis engine continually monitor, update, and analyze the changes in your account to help ensure you are always on your target to achieve your objectives.

Our financial planning system is different than most. We provide you with a live financial plan. If any account move outside of our pre-set target thresholds, we will be automatically notified. No surprises for you or us.

We use remote collaboration software that enables you to work with all of your advisors online and in real time even if they are in different locations.

Implement Strategies Wen Capital Advisory Group
Monitor Plan Wen Capital Advisory Group

The success formula is straight forward. We assemble a team of experienced financial specialists who focus on understanding your financial goals, and then device strategies to get you there. Our planning methodologies are based on sound financial practices. We focus on your own individual goals with consideration for your tolerance for risk. We support our team with a sophisticated financial system to track all your accounts, monitor your plan, and improve communication among all your advisors. You can have confidence that access to your account is just a secure click away from whatever you need, whenever you want it, from wherever you are.

The Success Formula Wen Capital Advisory Group

You work hard for your success, and you and your family deserve everything you earn, so take control of your financial future!

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